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Black Currant Puree

Black Currant Puree

Product is obtained from black currants, which are heated up, grated on 0,5 mm sieves and packed in aseptic bags.

Color –  deep purple.

The taste, smell –  typical for black currant  puree without strange taste and flavor.                                                                                

Packaging material:

Metal drum + foil bag+ metalic aseptic bag 200 kgs.

Carton + metalic aseptic bag  20 kgs.

Weight netto: 20 kgs, 200 kgs.

Storage conditionsTemperature below +10 °CTemperature below -18 °C
Shelf life24 months36 months

Consumer destiny:

Food product for general use during yoghurts, mousse, jams production.

For all consumers excepting children up to 3 years old.

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